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Steph Papas

About Steph Papas - Host OneSpaceLove

I have been an entrepreneur since stepping into the workforce,  I have owned my own businesses in fashion, food and community events.

I was fortunate enough to complete my masters in Fashion Design in Italy, had my own clothing label which sold locally and internationally and I was voted Young Australian Designer of the year by Vogue Magazine. I have worked for New York and Australian Fashion Week.

I am a qualified Yoga teacher and then went on to be the founder of One Space Community, hosting events for a decade to bring people together through food, music, and dance. Opened One Space HQ venue and hosted One Space Radio on Bondi Beach community radio.

All of this while running a household with my four children. I would not have been able to run One Space without the wonderful One Space crew and Sebastian Parisi who came on board as production/events manager.

I reached a point when I thought I had all the plates juggling, but then it happened, they all smashed at my feet. This is when my real story began as I was forced to go deep within and start mending one crack at a time eventually finding my true worthiness without all of these achievements defining my identity.

“You either walk inside your story and own it, or you stand outside your story and hustle for worthiness”
Brene Brown

It was not until I was forced to close the doors and everything that was familiar to me was taken away leaving me bare, that I had the opportunity to make a choice, let life defeat me or use this as a gift to take a look at what no longer served me so that I could create space for a whole new beginning.

OneSpaceLove is a platform to bring back all the wisdom I gathered along the way and one of the biggest gifts I have gained was getting to spend quality time with the incredible artists, spiritual teachers and musicians and a lot of them I can call my friends now.

OneSpaceLove Podcast showcases creative souls following a path on purpose and how they came to overcome life’s challenges (Anxiety, Self Worth, Depression, Cultural Differences, Grief) and continue to do what they love.

I am a true believer that purpose is possible and when we create space in our lifestyle to listen, we can use our abilities to be the change we want to see in this world.

I have been committed to my mission from the beginning to share the message of change and unite the community through the power of music, wellbeing and culture.

OneSpaceLove website was made possible with the help of Chris Maizon Business Designer from Light Worker Digital who was able to take the vision and bring it to life, creating an online space to share music, community, brands, people, and creative souls doing what they love while making a difference to the planet.

Thank you for supporting OneSpaceLove Community.

With Love,

Steph Papas xx

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