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Aine Tyrrell – Born To Do This

Áine Tyrrell adds her voice to the cry of women everywhere, declaring “We Were Born To Do This!”

As we celebrate International Women’s Day, Irish singer-songwriter, Áine Tyrrell, based in Australia, releases a new film clip for her feminist anthem, Born To Do This.Written and recorded in Ireland in 2018 for the Return To The Sea album, a project Áine states is all about not being afraid to be in her own skin and reconnecting with who she is and where she comes from; this release couldn’t come at a more opportune time.Women all over the world are taking steps to stand in their power and speak their truths. In the last few weeks in Australia look no further than Parliament House. In Ireland, the female experiences are still being silenced, with ongoing decisions by church and state like the recent sealing of documents that give testimony to these misogynistic structures.

“We are speaking up now, but our power structures are inherently misogynistic and continue to silence us. This song is our battle cry, it comes deeply from our mothers and grandmothers who did not have the freedom to speak their truth. We WERE born to do this and we will hold all those to account that stand in the way of truth and equality”

Inspired by conversations with both men and women about the patterns of the patriarchy that define us in gendered roles that are hard to shake and dangerous and detrimental to us all; Áine was searching for a way for us to remember who we were, before the patriarchy told us who they wanted us to be.

“The words “You Were Born To Do This” fell out of my mouth whilst playing guitar and became the bones of the anthem call that this song is”.

Born To Do This has always been inextricably linked to Irish women for Áine. The final recording session of the album was held just after she was invited to sing at an event in Melbourne, raising funds and awareness for Repealing the 8th Amendment in Ireland, a cry for Irish women to finally have autonomy over their reproductive rights after decades of archaic and dangerous legislation. This fundraising event happened on the same weekend Áine, a survivor of domestic violence, was reporting to the police the 78th breaches of an intervention order by her perpetrator.

“The FUCK YOU came out of me directly from THOSE experiences and I feel as female artists there is a side of the truth about what we put up with that is never out there in public… I gave myself permission to say it loudly, proudly and in my power. So often as women and female singers we are told to be quieter, prettier, slimmer, and more palatable, but this chorus is the antithesis of that”.

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