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Atman – Bridge West To East

Atman is a World Fusion Music whose music aims to bridge West to East, while he aims to connect the physical world with spiritual world through his music. Atman was born and grew up in Balkan part of Turkey where he got the main influence for his music. He fell in love with Darbuka after he met his master Misirli Ahmet. He went to the Sinai Desert in Egypt with his master to explore depth of rhythm. After this journey, he had a turning point in his music journey. Being influenced by Indian, Balkan, Middle Eastern and Latin Music makes Atman’s music pretty unique. He plays diverse instruments such as Darbuka, Didgeridoo, Bass Guitar, Frame Drums, Drum-kit and Synth. He loves to connect Indian Rhythms with Middle Eastern Scales, and yet make the music dancy. Being a world traveler helped him to broaden his mind and enrich his musical ear. He made his first album No Mind at the end of 2020 which he produced by himself and played most of the instruments on the album (Percussion, Bass, Didgeridoo, Jaw Harp, Vocal).

Atman shares his journey from travel to producing his own album during Melbourne Lockdown called “No Mind” and he designed a “How to play Percussion Course” Here is a clip to watch.

You can see full interview on OneSpaceLove You Tube Channel, where Atman shares some music live with me.

Learn More and Connect with Atman Here

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