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OneSpaceLove for the love of it.. Steph Papas chats with


This is the second time I have had Pat Tierney


Lisa Mitchell's music consistently elicits an emotional response. Her artful storytelling awakens long-forgotten memories, engulfing listeners in wistful nostalgia. Melodies communicate directly with the

Ben Catley's mesmerising guitar playing, huge vocals and uplifting stage presence have seen his live shows become renowned for their energy and craft.Performing at

BEÁTA ALFÖLDI Beáta is an international retreat leader, medicine woman, workshop facilitator, author, shamanic practitioner, ceremonial leader, seer, and keynote speaker with a gift for assisting

Michael is a transformational healer, teacher, somatic psychotherapist, astral shaman, and Light Language channel for the Galactic Federation of Light. Michael works directly with

Alana Fairchild is the Australian creative visionary, spiritual teacher and beloved author. Her diverse and original body of work includes over 55 published titles

Atman is a World Fusion Music whose music aims to bridge West to East, while he aims to connect the physical world with spiritual

Elijah Ray is an international recording artist, vocalist, composer, poet, and multi-instrumentalist with a professional music career spanning more than 17 years. He produces music

Miriam caught up with Steph Papas on OneSpaceLove, sharing about her journey, and how she came to birth her latest album and new release

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