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Chrissie Fire Mane The MANA Movement – COMING SOON

Co-Founder of MANA, Chrissie has always been guided and impassioned by the idea of empowering people to be creators. Named ‘chaqaruna’ or Bridge-Person by the Q’ero, Wisdom Keepers of the Andes, Chrissie’s North Star is activating and rewilding humanity with modern and indigenous wisdom, reminding people of what is already inside but forgotten or suppressed. Chrissie has been facilitating transformational weekends, workshops and retreats around the world intensively since 2012, moving online also in 2017.

The journey of motherhood has greatly shaped Chrissie’s path, raising her two wild children travelling the world and sitting in sacred ceremonies, learning from elders. Chrissie has roots in activism, beginning at Greenpeace in the Press Office in the UK in 2000, combining her passions for communications with service, has launched numerous campaigns in frontline activism mainly in water conservation and more recently served on the New Earth Council as part of the Humanitad Foundation. As artist, Chrissie was signed to Virgin Records, has toured and created albums and continues to use her love of poetry, singing and  frequency to complement her style of leadership. Her spiritual path led her to the Peruvian Andes in 2012 where she was initiated  as Chullu Chaqera, or Sweat Lodge Mama Qona in 2017.

Simply, Chrissie draws from conscious motherhood and indigenous tradition to inspire her community back to the natural Truth of things.

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