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Danni Carr – Sobriety & Self Love

Danni Carr is Founder of Earth Bottles, a range of eco friendly, reusable bottles and coffee cups. She is also a mother of two children and partnered with the well-known Australian musician, Ash Grunwald. So life is never dull with a touring husband and a global business to run. She is now the beautiful host of “How I Quit Alcohol.

We chat about how she came to be on the journey of quitting alcohol in her personal life and how that lead her to start the podcast “How I Quit Alcohol” and became a coach to help others overcome their addictions. How in that process a whole lot of healing happened, and the clarity, the self love that was discovered and how she knew it was time to step onto a new path.

“Normally with Ash being on tour, I would drink on boredom, we were living in Bali at the time, I had a couple of friends but not many, rather than drink this is interesting and that in itself was beautiful. To just sit and get to know myself as for so long I had been drink, drink, drink..” Danni Carr

In this talk there are many great tools on tapping into the practice of Self – Love There was a lot of work that was done and Danni Carr shares how she went on a Wayne Dyer bender. Learning about Self Love, as she had been berating herself for so many years, and that in itself was a huge journey.

“To go inwards and be kind with ourselves, just to pause and start to change the dialogue thats going on within you” Danni Carr

I asked Danni Carr to describe her connection to the Universe and she describes it as LOVE. “Feeling connected and at one with the plants & nature” Danni Carr

We reference in this talk

Wayne Dyer

Katie Byron

Louise Hay

Kundalini Meditation – We Mediate

Steve Nobel

Book Phosphorescence

Book The Wild

Yoga Glow

Music shares in the Podcast episode

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