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Earthwalker Tribe – Jake Taylor

As the vocalist for ‘In Hearts Wake,’ I have been lucky enough to travel across continents to experience many different cultures and ecosystems. After playing in countless cities I have come to realise just how much I crave the natural world. So in my free time it’s important to bring that balance back into my life. Out in nature is where everything makes the most sense to me. Its where I feel most alive.

Borrowing from an album title I came up with four years ago, I decided to revive ‘earthwalker’ as a hub to help bring like-minded people together. Its a community that I want to nurture and encourage. Showing appreciation and respect for the natural world is so important, especially in this day and age, because without nature we cease to exist. As we’ve grown up some of us have lost touch with ourselves, and forgotten that we are in fact nature experiencing itself. I’d like earthwalker to help reconnect people with their childlike selves, renewing the joy & wonder that was always there.

In collaboration with nature, our garments are woven with hemp & organic cotton wherever possible and every hand-packed earthwalker item will include a swing tag made from biodegradable plantable seed paper. The designs are born from ideas that I’ve sketched throughout my adventures, and brought into fruition with the help of some very talented friends.

Thank you for seeing the forest for the trees.
Jake Taylor

Visit https://earthwalkertribe.com.au/

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