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Ash Grunwald – Adapting to the New Ways

Ash Grunwald

Adapting to the new ways

“One thing I have seen in the review of the Lockdown period and I can look back on the social media posts I was posting at the terrible times is I was trying to focus on the things you can work on, and in this brief time don’t we know what the future holds but up until this point I have even seen that even in my external reality that left me open to see the opportunities.
So its like, work on the inner first and get yourself dealing with the situation well, and then from their don’t worry about what your going to come up with, you’ll see if your tuned right, you’ll see the opportunities and just react to them and you can start to create from there.” Ash Grunwald

Ash Grunwald is an Australian blues musician. He has released nine studio albums and has received five nominations for ARIA Music Awards. He is an author, and a husband and father. Ash is definitely someone following his path doing what he loves. Music was not the career path he set off on, and Ash shares how the road began to turn towards the music.
He and his wife Danni Carr are the founders of Earth Bottles. In 2014 Danni sought to find new merchandise for her high-profile hubby; something practical for the planet as well as reflective of Ash’s earthy nature. As a result Earth Bottles was created.
Ash and I caught up over Zoom during this time of isolation and he shares how he was flying over to Spain when the news broke of COVID-19 and how he was on tour with his musicians and how they pushed as hard as they could touring night after night before the emergency was declared and they he had to book flights back home for them all. When he arrived home the news was announced that Blues Fest was cancelled and it was illegal to tour for the next 6 months. At the peak of his touring it all came to a stand still, and he was faced the prospect of loosing his family home, and face cancelling all his plans for the tour that were in place for 2020.
What I love is how Ash faced his crisis head on and made a choice in that moment to adapt and find a new way, using the skills and knowledge he has inside him and to collaborate with the skills of others around him.
He shares how he is adapting now to the new norm, and how he is live streaming his gigs and what that experience has been like.
Terence McKenna. “Worry is betting against yourself. Worry is praying to the devil. It’s a total waste of time.

I hope you are inspired by this talk as I was, and if you want to learn more about Ash Grunwald Music and Earth Bottles here are the links.

“For those who follow their path and especially who have found themselves stuck in a rut, its my hope that this book will be the philosophical spatula that will get you unstuck” Surf by Day, Jam by night by Ash Grunwald



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