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Kate Williams Channel – No Place Like Home

Kate is a psychic channel, and receives guidance that is directly relevant to you and your life path issues. She specialises in life purpose readings and helps you gain clarity, focus and inner perspective.

In this episode, we talk about our current time of all being in isolation, and how it’s a time to look at what is it that most scares you the most and time to listen to that inner voice that has been calling to you.

There’s no place like home, the greatest sense of home that Kate has come to discover is her true self, the oneness with source, and the totality of this fills you up, and you longer need, want, you are in this place now, and its the greatest sense of home that she has come to discover.

Kate does daily messages for the collective on her Instagram Kate Williams Channel, and you can follow the link in bio for a one on one life purpose reading with her. Kate also offers meditations on her website.


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