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Jessica Chapnik Kahn – Welcome Home, Identity & Motherhood

Welcome home, identity, and motherhood

Episode 6 with Jessica Chapnik Kahn

Jessica is a singer-songwriter, actress, mother, and author.  Her latest book is called Madre.

I really enjoyed catching up with Jessica and having this open honest chat with her, about motherhood, the music industry, growing up as an immigrant, and love, devotion, and life. Jessy took me on a journey into her life and how it all unfolded. She is a beautiful soul and everything she does her soul shines through.

Jessica Chapnik Kahn shares how she immigrated to Australia as a child from Argentina. Growing up raised by Jewish Polish Catholic Italian Argentinian parents. How motherhood was like a welcoming home to this land in Australia.

How she struggled with belonging and identity and how this shaped her driving force and the fire that ignited her to stay on her creative path and reach her goals to find her place.

She used to play in the bands of Sarah Blasko, Old Man River, and Ben Lee. She acts. Jessica shares how meeting Ben Lee reconnected her back to the music.

She shares of her experience meeting her beloved Nadav Kahn, and how it felt like destiny when they first met, and shares about motherhood and finding space to create.

Song featured “She is the Sun” Live version with Jessica Chapnik Kahn and Nadav Kahn.

Poem Featured “The Loneliness is deep”

“Madre”  available now 

Jessica Chapnik Kahn did not intend to write a book in the first weeks and months of giving birth to her son. But it was in this time, immersed in an exquisite difficult bliss, that she found herself inadvertently drawing his face and scribbling down her new experiences without restraint. It was a quiet attempt to grasp the ungraspable.

After giving birth to her son, Jess has release Madre a collection of poetry from her experience with motherhood. I highly recommend this beautiful divine book to our listeners, you can purchase it online https://www.mother-courage.com/madre

MADRE is a very personal exploration of the mysterious unfolding of becoming a mother. This raw collection of poems and drawings honors the mystical process of creation, transformation, and expansion. They are never far from the grief inherent in joy, as well as the inseparable nature of birth and death.

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