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Grace Vaughan is a passionate Psycho-Spiritual-Practitioner assisting people work towards improving their quality of life from a spiritual dimension; whether living with mental health impacts: – from abuse, trauma, depression, stress and/or physical and psychological issues, she provides a dynamic Service from her Online Platform – Transformative Life Centre. 

From a formally trained background knowledge in Neuroscience, Psychotherapy and Counselling, Urban Anthropology, Shamanism, and Evolutionary Astrology, Grace has over 30 years’ experience delivering transformative experiential and residential Retreat groupwork and individual therapy sessions. Her work is underpinned by a respect for the Therapeutic Space, and a deep appreciation of the Field –  the Unified Field of Consciousness; with the conscious awareness of our collective connection to the universe, that everything that we are and everything we do directly or indirectly affects everything and everyone around us.

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