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A Candid Deep Dive into the life of HollyRiva

A Candid Deep Dive into the life of Holly Riva, OneSpaceLove Session with Host Steph Papas filmed at Hug Media in Sydney. Holly shares her journey from the tender age of 10, when Holly opened the Festival of Diwali in Rishikesh on the banks of the Ganges to 10,000 people. Growing up and travelling with her parents to Kolkata, where they all work in support of the famous charity The Hope Foundation, for whom, together with writing partner Craig Gannon from the Smiths, she wrote the song “Hope”, which the charity have now adopted as their main musical theme to support their marketing programme. We get to share a snippet of this song which is yet to be released.

Holly has been writing with some of the very best contemporary songwriters in the USA and UK, including: James Birt (Mimi Webb), David Glass (Flo Rida US #1), Craig Gannon (The Smiths), Swavy Beats (Kanye West US #1) and more. In early 2023 Holly performed her single ‘A Memory’ live to 1 million viewers + on the BBC TV.

Holly then shares behing the making of her singles, and about her new singles coming out. At the end she shared with us a live version of her new release which comes out in Jan 2024 ” Probably Not Right For Me” and at the end of the talk Holly sings a little version live for us.

There is a common thread through Hollys journey where she is doing what she loves while wanting to make a difference with her music.

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Podcast Session Deep Conversation with Holly Riva and Live short version of her new release “Probably Not Right For Me” comes out in Jan 2024

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