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Jake Taylor – In Hearts Wake – A Call To Action

In Hearts Wake

My Guest Jake Taylor Vocalist of the Australian metalcore band In Hearts Wake. What I learnt in this chat, is what a poweful, grounded, change maker Jake is and the music is really a call to action for these times.

We chat about the bands 2020 release Kaliyuga. Kaliyuga is the fifth studio album by Australian metalcore band In Hearts Wake..

We feature in this chat Crossroads, Worldwide Suicide off Kaliyuga and Frequency off Arc

“People are passionate 

Finding a global solution is tricky cause what we really need is diversity 

Always asking questions along the way not just doing what its easy and comfortable 

Often what is easy isn’t always right

And thats the hard part where change steps in 

Which one is going is really going to create a future my children and grandchildren are going to live in 

We’d all have different answers in part of a greater solution” – Jake Taylor

This chat is with Jake Taylor from In Hearts Wake

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