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James Boundy – How to Be a Sound Person

James Boundy

James Boundy – How to be a sound person

Boundy is a freelance sound engineer based in Byron Bay, Australia. With over 17 years experience as a studio and live engineer, tertiary educator and audio industry consultant, he enhances any sonic project.

Boundy has worked with reputable Australian Artists, such as Last Dinosaurs, DZ Deathrays, Dune Rats, Tora, PLTS, Wharves and many more.. Visit Boundy Sound to see all links and videos

Boundy is someone who is definitely being the change he wants to see, and doing what he loves, and assisting others with the creative process of doing what they love.

“Be the change that you want in the world, the covid situation has given us time to reflect on everything about our lives like that and there are so many ways, and so as long as you’re clear on what your own personal belief systems is and what is really actually important to you at your core, there are so many things you can do, little things, little elements in everything you do everyday  that can be specifically tuned towards potentially contributing in benefit in some way.”

Boundy shares many experiences behind the scenes of an audio engineer and as a student and teacher of sound, he shares that having empathy, knowing and valuing your time and worth, and having patience are key qualities to sustain a healthy career as a sound engineer both on the road and in the studio.

I asked Boundy how we can best support him moving forward and he answered

“By supporting the musicians that mean something to you and you feel passionate about,  it gives me an environment to still work in.” James Boundy

“It’s one thing to just stop physically but all of the planning and everything that usually comes along with that all disappeared as well, so it was actually literally sitting still for the first time in as long as I can remember, its an intimidating change when its very different to what you are used to, I am used to not being in the same place for a long period of time, like lots of transport, like lots of planes and buses and all that sort of stuff. The work side of things is one thing but it was also a great upheaval of the entire lifestyle its the most time Ive been home in like forever” James Boundy 



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