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Kuma Pa Kawika Foster – Traditional Hawaiian Healer

We love Kuma Pa Kawika Foster, Kawika and I crossed paths at OneSpaceHQ in the last days of running the space. I went on to have a healing with Kawika and he has become a very dear friend of mine. The healing I had with Kawika truly turned my life upside down it changed my perspective on how I see my world and began my journey to turn my belief around from being a victim of my circumstances to being the master of my world and taking responsibility for the challenges I had faced and forgiven myself and my past.

I highly recommend working with Kuma Pa Kawika Foster, we all have parts of our path to forgive and usually the most important part is learning to forgive ourselves for the choices we have made along the way. It was a full circle moment in my life when I was able to travel to see Kawika and visit him at his home and interview him for the Barefoot Talks project, which was filmed in two days and became a 4 part interview, beautifully filmed and edited by film maker Alex Hergert. You can capture that under OSLVideo.

I caught up with Kawika on OneSpaceLove Podcast in Season 1 and he will be a regular guest on Steph Talks, where we go deep into conversation about Forgiveness and finding space in your life for stillness to come into alignment so you can be the best version of yourself and come from a space of power.


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