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Lulu & Mischka – Lifestyle, Love, & Inner Peace

Lulu & Mischka are musicians and inner peace facilitators that draw upon the ancient earth wisdoms from east and west, guiding people together to unite in sound and silence. Their offerings see them travel the globe for concerts, workshop and retreats as well as receiving inspirations and teachings. Based in the Byron Bay area, Australia, life’s calling leads L&M on their mission to support the awakening of humanity.
A deep immersion into the union of souls through music. Lulu & Mischka create a pure and joyful space for deep connection within.
Ancient mantras from India meet heart opening english lyrics; medicine prayers from North and South America wash through every cell and activate the inner wisdom.
The married couple offers a chance to join their radiant journey into the powerful practice of chanting. They believe that coming together in the magical energy of  joyful heart songs ​brings us closer to each other, further away from separation and deeper into Truth… leaving you with peace of mind and filled with inner Joy.

L&M travel the world gathering traditional prayers to share them in their own unique way.
The past six years have seen them tour throughout Europe, Asia and Australia, holding Chanting Concerts and preforming at Festivals, Retreats, Yoga Teacher Trainings and Health Resorts.

Learn More https://www.luluandmischka.com/

Whats on https://onespace.love/lulu-mischka-global-listening-lounge/

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