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Mantra Americana_Dave Stringer_Madi Das

Mantra Americana II is Madi Das and Dave Stringer’s ambitious follow-up to their Grammy®-nominated album that changed the paradigm of Chant music in 2022. The new album combines swinging Indian rhythms with Bluegrass twang and soulful horn sections, as Madi and Dave and the Mantra Americana band propel Chant music in exciting new directions.

Featuring guest performances from music legends Greg Leisz, Dean Parks, and Mitchel Foreman, the album ventures further along the frontier where the spiritual and musical traditions of East and West meet. Tabla dances with dobro and harmonium glides into pedal steel, seamlessly blending to evoke Nashville with a hint of Namaste, Mississippi with a touch of Masala. It’s a unique subgenre that can only be described as Country & Eastern.

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