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OneSpaceLove 2020 Thats a Wrap

Huge thank you to all our guests for 2020. After running OneSpace Events for almost a decade, Steph Papas took some time off to ground and reflect on her mission. During Covid, while homeschooling her three youngest children, OneSpaceLove Podcast was born, it began in her home and with no knowledge of where it was going, it began to take on a life of its own and served as a safe space for our guests to share during what has been a very unknown time for creative souls.

The first episode was released with a little help from her friends Kate William’s and Chris from Lightworker Digital. As this show continued Steph rediscovered her passion again and remembered her mission and it started to all make sense the paths that lead her to his moment. Thank you to all our guests for 2020 and we are excited to announce new collaborations for 2021 and more to come.

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