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“Music is a world within itself, with a language we all understand” Stevie Wonder

“My friend Jamie Catto posted this back a few months ago.  His words sat with me and I knew that this work I had been doing with artists needed to reacher a greater audience.  That more people needed to be given a “flaming permission slip” to live their most purpose driven life.  This is everything “For the love of it” stands for.” Steph Papas 
Fashion and music industry veteran Stephanie Papas is taking her OneSpaceLove format to launch in Byron and Sydney with all her loves in one event. Her weekly radio show has more than 52 episodes with Australian creatives such as Garrett Kato, Ash Grunwald, Ben Lee and Lisa Mitchell.   She has more than 4000 weekly listeners and views via Bondi Radio, podcast channels and YouTube. Stephanie is loved amongst guests and audiences alike for her intelligent and compassionate way of showcasing the vulnerability, challenges, strength and success that comes from a life driven by purpose and passion.
” I can honestly can say its the most open and honest I have been in an interview” 
Aine Tyrell
We are all born with creative genius and purpose and this show will remind you of yours. With guests who are the best at what they do, their hero’s journey will inspire you to create a hero’s journey of your own. If you are ready to live life on your terms fuelled by passion and purpose, these bare talks with culture makers will be the support you need to do what you truly love. Each episode gets behind the story. It takes us to the crossroads and turning points that made the best of Australian creatives and cultural makers. We unpack how they uncovered their purpose and dig underneath the choices they made along the way. 
“OneSpaceLove Sessions is for anyone interested in tapping into their creative flow, passionate about change, curious, longing for more, wired for connection and ready to not only discover their purpose but embark on their own creative path.” Steph Papas 
Part conversation, part gig and part documentary, each session steps into the homes, hearts and talent of Australia’s best and most loved creatives.
More than simply an exploration of their creative career, these session’s unpacks the day to day.  We visit their homes, unravel their daily routines and habits and understand what a purpose driven life actually looks like behind the facades of social media and public persona.  Each creative shares not only the heart of their personal pathway but also the practical strategies and mindsets that brought their dreams into fruition.  Audiences have the opportunity to learn from the best and tap into their own inner genius and capacity.  Showcasing live performances from musical guests and emerging and well known Australian musicians, each session is a celebration of all things creative and all things purpose and passion.
Hosted at OneSpaceLove in Sydney & Byron Bay, in a lounge room style where artists take the stage with Steph Papas in front a audience.  

“I’ve been lucky enough to do a few One Space events. One Space offers something different everyone turns up with a whole new field, whole new energy which makes it a much better exchange in my mind between the artist and audience.” Bobby Alu

“Live Music enables a connection between the people and the artists and what happens they both receive an uplifting experience,  raising people’s vibrations.”

“The Bands that play at One Space events are part of a new movement of events happening around the country that involves conscious minded people and community and bringing the message of love and the higher consciousness” Declan Kelly

One Space has hosted, toured, produced many reputable artists and ran its own Radio show on Bondi beach Radio, Sydney for the past decade now.

“Great Vibe, great crowd One Space is doing an amazing job” Chris Tamwoy

“The place looks amazing, and has a great energy” Paul George

“One Space events always have an organic welcoming feeling around them. Steph created a place for community for people to come together and have that moment.” Ren Stone

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