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Kate Williams is a psychic channel, and receives guidance that is directly relevant to you and your life path issues. She specialise's in life purpose readings. She helps you to gain clarity, focus and inner perspective. Inner purpose comes from finding your centre. Finding your core and learning how to access that on

Sydney-based Merkaba Molly is devoted to her mission as a Divine channel for the higher dimensional realms. She works online, offering clients channelled guidance and energy specific for their needs. “I connect to the client’s guides and relay messages that they need to hear,” she says. “Energy sessions can be

 Sandy Newton Organising Empress Sandy brings 20 years of Holistic practices to Women and their homes. A well known and loved Holistic Organiser. Clutter expert and transformer. She is a Creature of Change and brings this out in many Women when you work with her. .  Founder of Worldbridger Holistic Organising she’s had a profound impact

We love Kuma Pa Kawika Foster, Kawika and I crossed paths at OneSpaceHQ in the last days of running the space. I went on to have a healing with Kawika and he has become a very dear friend of mine. The healing I had with Kawika truly turned my life

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