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Sandy Newton – Organising Empress

 Sandy Newton Organising Empress

Sandy brings 20 years of Holistic practices to Women and their homes.

A well known and loved Holistic Organiser. Clutter expert and transformer.

She is a Creature of Change and brings this out in many Women when you work with her.

Founder of Worldbridger Holistic Organising she’s had a profound impact on hundreds of homes and women. Her strong focus is on the elements, myths and olds traditions intermingled with her love of Devotional practices.  She is dedicated to unveiling the unique medicine that is found within each of our homes and within us. Fostering the inner growth in women that is required for beautiful change. 

Her deep calling is to aid others in realigning their homes and hearts with balance, harmony and beauty. To resuscitate Women to honour themselves and their internal and external homes as one. 

She is a lover of the Wild Woman, Magick, Archetypes and the Divine Feminine and Masculine. She is kindred and student to the ways of the mystical and sacred expressions of the Divine. She loves ritual. She is dedicated to sharing what she knows, and supporting women on anything that’s good for their soul, good for their heart and good for our Great Mother the Earth.

She is following her calling to create more offering’s for Women and the SACRED Souls Journey. 

Known for her laid back medicine and unique approaches to women’s wisdom she shares transformational practices that address awakening in mind, body, and spirit; the connection between the SACRED home within and without – the heart of a woman. Best known for her magical touch in rapidly transforming internal and external spaces. Her passion is living with less and honouring the Sacred in all – Sacred Space.

She has studied and practiced Professional Organising, Energetic Healing, Interior Alignment, NLP, Soul Coaching, Matrix Therapies, Archetypes, Sacred Space Clearing and Sacred Ceremony.

You can follow her on FB https://www.facebook.com/organisingempress 

or Instagram https://www.instagram.com/organisingempress/

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