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Steph Talks with Philip Mann – Empower You

Philip’s mission is to motivate and empower people to transform their lives to express their unique individuality.

Philip has more than 25 years’ experience in bodywork and kinesiology. He works with people of all ages, from babies with allergies to teenagers and adults looking for direction, solving specific issues or improving their health and wellbeing.

Philip uses various techniques to retrain your neurology to enable you to adapt to the challenges currently being presented. This allows the individual to easily integrate to a state of equilibrium.

Philip’s clients experience: A sense of fulfilment and purpose; Improved relationships and communication; Ability to learn easily; Ability to release stress and manage it better; Career direction and clarity; Better sleep; Faster recuperation after illness; Release of physical and emotional symptoms.

Philip Mann
Pura Vida, 14a Park Street, Brunswick Heads
0412 604 127

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