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We Love Tea Tonic Teas, Lisa Hilbert is the founder and is a woman who has given herself permission to pursue her life on purpose. As a naturopath and herbalist, Lisa wanted to share her love of tea with the world. Most of all, she wanted help others incorporate wellness into their day. Knowing the risks associated with drinking heavily processed tea, Lisa was committed to using the highest quality, pure ingredients – organic plants and herbs that would cure ailments, promote good health and taste delicious.


I met Lisa Hilbert when I had my clothing label, and was the owner of a cafe in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs, Lisa came into the cafe and saw me wearing one of my dresses from my collection, she asked me boldly who was the label, and she wanted one, I took her back into my home and showed her a rack of my dresses and Lisa purchased one of each style, and our friendship began.

I have been a huge supporter of Lisa’s teas since meeting her, some of my favourite’s are the Complexion Tea, Wellbeing Tea and my children are big lovers of Tea Tonic’s Apple Tea.

“ As a naturopath, traditional teas can do more harm than good so I wanted to raise the bar with premium, unprocessed teas made from organic ingredients – teas that would improve health, that people would genuinely love to drink. That’s was the original vision, and it still inspires me today. ”Lisa Hilbert, Founder


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