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Toni Childs

Emmy Winner and three-time Grammy Nominated recording artist, installation artist and environmental activist – Toni Childs – steps into the role of Artistic Director for Big Mother Entertainment. Toni brings together the disciplines of music, film, 3D mapping, animation, lighting, set design and interactive components to three new works: It’s All a Beautiful Noise, Reef 360 and Citizens of the Planet.

With fans in over 50 countries around the world, Toni has produced a list of international hits such as: Don’t Walk Away, Stop Your Fussin, House of Hope, I’ve Got to go Now and Because You’re Beautiful. She’s opened for Bob Dylan at Radio City Music Hall, and performed duets with greats such as Al Green, Peter Gabriel and Zuccero.

In 1997, Toni was diagnosed with Graves Disease, a hyper-thyroid condition. It would take two years for her to finally understand the cause was Mercury and Chlorine in her drinking water, allergies to Sulphates in toothpaste, shampoos and other detergents, in addition to pesticides and herbicides in her food. This toxic cocktail presented in Toni an auto-immune issue called, Graves kamagra pris.

Eyes bulging out of her head and a resting heart beat at 120 per minute. Three specialist initially diagnosed the cause – what she did for a living – and told her she needed to stop her life as she knew it. And to Toni’s chagrin, she did and moved to the beautiful island of Kauai, Hawaii.

In 2019, Toni’s Big Mother Touring Company presented – Toni Childs A Music Retrospective in 57 regional theatres across Australia over a three month period. Toni wanted to celebrate the 30th anniversary of her first album ‘Union’ with a special Retrospective of her life’s musical work in the first hour and music from It’s All a Beautiful Noise and Citizens of the Planet in the second hour.

Learn More https://www.tonichilds.com/

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