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Surrender to the timing of life

The first Barefoot Talks came about in 48hours and it came about with a lot of trust and being able to overcome self doubt, and surrender to what was next for me. After closing the doors on OneSpace HQ, I spent a lot of time in nature and being still, asking what it was I wanted to do next while still keeping in alignment with my mission and purpose.

“Trust the timing of your life and try and be patient. The Universe conspires to bring you everything you need at the right time and removes the things you don’t need. Have faith that everything is happening for you and every wrong thing can lead you to the right thing.”

I was talking to a friend one evening the week before the interview came about, and speaking of how much I missed the interviews I would do on Bondi Beach Radio – One Space Show while I had OneSpace HQ.

We spoke about how Mike Love was coming to Gosford to play at The Rhythm Hut and how it would be amazing if I could interview him for the radio. At the time I had been speaking to ABC Radio National about running a segment once a month. A local friend had introduced me to the producer and he was keen to have me run a show on World Music. At the time I still sat with even this and didn’t rush through this door that was opening.

I shared my doubt of what to do next after reflecting on my past and One Space. This friend turned to me and said what is stopping you to interview Mike Love next week and I paused and said FEAR. He went on to say you don’t take me as someone who lets Fear stop you living your dreams.

His words resonated with me and the next week I contacted Mike Love’s tour manager Melissa Gibson and Louise Sawilejskij at the Rhythm Hut and both of these woman opened the gateway to make this interview possible and connected me with Mike’s US Management.

48 hours before this interview I got the green light to go ahead. I called back my friend to share the good news. I was still unsure how I would do the voice recording and edit it to send to ABC Radio and if running a show on World Music on ABC Radio was even the next path for me.

I was over the moon and eager to update my friend,  I was still unsure of how and what I was going to do, but I had a go ahead now from management so their was no turning back.

What I know for sure is the saying “fake it till you make it” rings a lot of truth. I would put it another way.  Know your abilities and use them, the how can come later when you trust and let go of driving your life. Let go of the hand brake and trust.

I called my friend with the news and was like a broken record how fast I was speaking and had not taken a breathe when he responded you made it possible,  now I can support you and film it and create an audio file. I had only met this friend a month earlier and I was thinking to myself who are you and where did you come from

“Sometimes people come into your life for a moment a day or a lifetime, it matters not the time they spent with you but how they impacted your life in that time.”

We met up the next morning to inspect the space for filming, it was his birthday which he never mentioned till the day.  He asked me in that space so what will you call the show, it was so clear to me , like the name fell from the universe into my lap – “Barefoot talks”

It made sense as since leaving Sydney I spent a lot of time barefoot bushwalking and learning to be still and listen.

“You learn a lot when you’re barefoot, the first thing is every step you take is different” Michael Franti 

That night before the interview, I didn’t spend it preparing my talk, I cooked and poured all my energy into making a vegan feast as I knew Mike Love was Vegan and cooking always calms my nerves.

I wanted to have a painting on the wall as a back drop but I didn’t have much time. I called one of my local friends, who connected me with ABC Radio, and I asked him if he knew of how I could borrow a piece of art for the wall.

He made a call to the local Art Gallery in Hardys Bay,  the next minute the owner of Bouddhi Gallery called and said she would love to help and loan me a large painting from one of the Contemporary Aboriginal Artists. I was taken back to how much support there was around me for something that was not even birthed yet and still in its conceptualising. I hung up the phone in gratitude to the universe. That afternoon the art piece arrived and it was spectacular, I could not of dreamed of a more beautiful piece of art.

I finished up my night cleaning the house, and by the morning my lounge room was a film set with a vegan feast ready to be served.  I won’t lie I was super nervous. I did not plan what we would talk about. You can clearly witness how nervous I was on film. This was very different to sitting in the studio in Bondi doing my radio show.

I should mention on top of this my children were home after school hours and I was attending to them and the day of the interview I had coordinated to drop them off to school and had friends collecting them to take them down to the park for an extra hour.

Then it happened, as if they walked into a set that was effortless to create.

Mike and a crew turned up to the house mid morning and we sat down and the interview was effortless and we all had a great time, they all went deep and bared all. They showed up with their truth and authenticity. When it was over my friend and I looked at one another and said what just happened. Mike’s manager turned to me and said that was powerful, thank you!

When we sat to edit this video, I did not want to share this video as my critical brain was so hard on myself, and I noticed how many times I spoke over the artists. My friend assured me you need to share this, and share the messages shared in this interview to help empower others. 

“You must expect great things of yourself before you can do them” 

I decided the content needed to be shared and that it was me being vulnerable and authentic and its not about me its bigger than me, so I needed to release it.

“The moment of SURRENDER is not when life is over its when life begins” Marianne Williamson 

We filmed Barefoot Talks with Kallidad, Ash Grunwald, Mike Love, Ren Stone, Tim Snider, and Kawika Foster (Hawaiian Healer) and then it came to a stop, and my children and I moved back to Sydney.

New path awaits, and the vision for Barefoot talks is still alive!

View Barefoot Talks on OneSpaceLove you tube channel 

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